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Happy Monday dear subscribers! In today’s Newsletter, Bitcoin’s on the Ramp!

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After a nice consolidation weekend with some bounces Bitcoin is starting the week with energy. Pushing for the breakout on the bull pennant we mentioned four days ago. Primed setup!

The AI Index continues looking absolutely primed, breakout of the monthly downtrend also confirmed here:


Ripple CEO Forecasts Doubling of Crypto Market Cap by 2024, Anticipates Regulatory Clarity

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse predicts a doubling of the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization by the end of 2024, fueled by factors like the emergence of spot bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming halving event.

  • Brad Garlinghouse forecasts the crypto market cap to double by 2024, currently standing at around $2.59 trillion.

  • Factors like the emergence of spot bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming bitcoin halving event may contribute to this growth.

  • Garlinghouse expects increased regulatory clarity in the U.S. post-election.

  • Ripple announces entry into the stablecoin market with plans for a U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin on the XRP Ledger and Ethereum.

  • Ripple aims to leverage its regulatory compliance expertise to drive institutional adoption of its stablecoin.

He also anticipates increased regulatory clarity in the U.S. following this year's election.

Solana Network Grapples with Congestion as Memecoin Activity Surges

The Solana network has experienced congestion due to an influx of spam transactions and the release of new memecoins, leading to delays and dropped transactions.

The network's architecture lacks a mempool, making it susceptible to overload.

  • Solana network faces congestion issues due to spam transactions and new memecoin activity.

  • Users experience transaction delays and dropped transactions, impacting network usability.

  • Solana's architecture lacks a mempool, making it vulnerable to overload.

  • Development team is working on software patches and fixes to combat congestion.

  • Upcoming updates include enhancements to transaction scheduling and the introduction of priority fees to improve user experience.

Solana developers are working on software patches and fixes to address these issues, including enhancements to transaction scheduling and the implementation of priority fees.

Gunzilla Games

Today we have under the spotlight Gunzilla Games, an independent game studio founded in 2020, that’s making noise in the gaming industry with its innovative approach to game development. Led by CEO Vlad Korolov and CSO Alexander Zoll, the team at Gunzilla is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create deeply engaging next-gen gaming experiences.

At the forefront of Gunzilla's endeavors is their flagship product, Off The Grid, a story-heavy battle royale cyberpunk shooter set in a futuristic world. But what sets Gunzilla apart from other game studios is their integration of blockchain technology into their gaming platform.

The shooter is planned to be launched very soon and available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. If you're into those kinds of games you can register for their PC playtest already.

Gunzilla has another game already playable: Technocore, a free-to-play game currently available on iOS and Android devices. Consists in search for valuable loot, outsmart security systems, and unlock the secrets hidden within. Rewards are either $GUN tokens (testnet) or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Gunzilla has developed GUNZ, an innovative and sustainable blockchain-based digital economy platform designed to support digital economies for their games. Built on an Avalanche Subnet, GUNZ is optimized for seamless gameplay and utilizes in-game tokens for gas fees, providing a rewarding user experience for both Web3 and traditional gamers.

One of the key features of GUNZ is its ability to empower players by granting them full ownership of in-game items as tradable NFTs on an on-chain marketplace. This decentralized in-game economy revolutionizes the way players interact with their gaming experience, providing transparency and control like never before. 

For that they have created an already functional GUNZ Wallet integrated with their marketplace where players can buy and sell their NFTs and use their tokens. Players of Technochrome are already using it, and at the mainnet launch their $GUN (testnet) balances will be reset but their NFT rewards will be preserved.

As we have seen, Gunzilla Games will have a token called $GUN. It’s going to be the official token of the GUNZ platform and the currency used for trading and buying items on the marketplace. Players can also earn $GUN by completing different challenges within the game. This makes the project fall right into the category of play to earn (P2E) projects.

Gunzilla's commitment to innovation doesn't stop there. The team includes talent from various industry-leading studios and publishers, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), and THQ. Additionally, Gunzilla has partnered with notable figures such as Neill Blomkamp, the director of "District 9," and Richard Morgan, the author of the Altered Carbon series, to bring their creative vision to life.

In terms of funding, Gunzilla Games recently completed a $30 million funding round, which included a $10 million strategic token round co-led by CoinFund and Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund. And previously (August 2022) it already raised another $46 millions led by Republic Capital. That brings it to an impressive total of $76 million raised.

For the looks of it this is the first and only AAA game in the crypto landscape for now, hopefully many others will follow to ignite once again the GameFi narrative.

If you want to know more about the project or their games you can go to the official Twitter and Website.

See you next week!

The Big Picture of Crypto

The crypto world is extremely interesting and passionate, and this can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. I invite you to surf into this topic.

Crypto is here to stay and disrupt the traditional market and finance. Personally, I like to see it as the cool brother of the traditional financial system, far from being its enemy, rather an ally that comes to improve and occupy a place that was often empty.

As such, it generated a lot of adoption in those who were looking for something new but didn't quite know what. The simplicity, speed, and flexibility that the crypto world introduced into people's lives can be considered a revolution in itself.

And this, of course, generates a lot of interest and passion, from both sides.

Bull and bear markets come and go, and the narrative remains the same, again, from both sides. When BTC rises and enters a bull run, there are those who see this as a stairway to heaven, "up only," and talk about huge numbers like $1 million in the short term. 

On the contrary, when it goes down, those who are against this new technology appear and revive the "it's going to zero" narrative and that everything is a big scam or Ponzi scheme.

None of them is right.

A perma-bull and a perma-bear are equally harmful to those who read or hear them. As Livermore said, there is no bullish or bearish side of the market, but a correct side.

Now, I would like to focus on the negative narrative since it is perhaps the one that does the most harm (although the bullish one also does, but to a lesser extent).

If we review the different bullish and bearish markets, we will find a pattern that repeats itself in the bearish narrative but not in the bullish one, changing and evolving over time, let's see:

(for simplicity's sake, let's take from 2017 when BTC and crypto gained mass adoption)

Bull market 2017: this will survive or is it just another scam?
Bear market 2018/19: it's going to zero
Bull market 2020/21: this won't disappear but will it work?
Bear market 2022: it's going to zero
Bull market 2023/24: how much money will Wall Street put into crypto

If you analyze this, it is more than clear that the negative side doesn't have too many arguments, and on the contrary, the positive side has been escalating in the level of doubts, to the point of accepting the previous ones and raising new, unthinkable questions, years ago.

What I want to highlight with all this is that beyond the volatility of the market and its behavior, the crypto ecosystem is becoming increasingly solid, getting rid of those actors and projects that do not generate value (even despite the meme coins that, let me tell you, also exist on Wall Street in the form of bankrupt and hopeless companies and business) and seeking to solve problems that are not addressed by traditional finance or that have failed in doing so.

Therefore, whenever doubts arise about a downturn or bad news, take a step back and analyze the big picture, the crypto market as a whole, and things will be much clearer than they are up close.

When in doubt, zoom out!

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Don’t sleep on this market, lots of opportunities to come, see you next week!